From Salt Lake City, Utah, living day-by-day, and adventuring night by night, Dark Seas are on one hell of an adventure. They came into my life 5 days before my friends Rachel and Kiwi were getting evicted from their two-bedroom, spacious, La Mesa apartment. The boys were crashing there until they would figure out what to do next, until they got evicted as well. Here to spread their “surfedelic” music with only dreams and no set plans, these boys are living through their music and their friends. They are the craziest, most spontaneous, and most adventurous group of friends I have ever met. Always down to have a good time, always down to dance in the middle of a crowd, never afraid to be themselves, and they have each other’s backs no matter what.

Let me introduce you to the band.

Rhett: Drums. He is one of the nicest guys and can hold a conversation with anyone.
Diego: Rhythm Guitar, He’s from Mexico. He has an accent and his last name is Lechuga, which means lettuce.
Irvin: Bass. He’s awesome and he doesn’t smoke weed.
Kyle: Vocals. He is the responsible one who has mad tambourine skills.
Toner: Lead Guitar. He shreds. The most laid back human being you will ever meet.
Coltrain: The band manager. He is the guy who brings you to your feet. He keeps the party going and he brings positive energy to every moment.

The first night I met them they told me about their band and I thought hell with it why not get an interview. You will notice there is no interview. The interview was quite a disaster, everyone was hammered, screaming, yelling, and it was hard to make sense of everyone’s improper English over Diego’s Mexican accent interrupting every two seconds. When I played back the ten-minute recording of the interview this is all that made sense:

What kind of music do you guys play?
Irvin: Psychedelic Rock. Surf Rock. No. Drug-Haze Surf-Rock.

How long are you guys going to be in California for?
Irvin: I think we moved here. We all packed up our shit and dropped our lives in Salt Lake.

How did you guys come up with Dark Seas?
Rhett: We had a brainstorming session, I said Dark Seas, we all agreed on it, and we played four shitty songs that we couldn’t record, and it was awesome.
Diego: I have a story. One day we were playing a show and after one song, we stopped and thanked everybody for coming and whatever or not, and then we were like all right next song. We’re like 1,2,3,4 we all come in, no drums happen. We turn around Rhett’s passed out on his snare drum.
Rhett: That was like 10 shows after we started playing.
Diego: I don’t care. You still fell asleep on your drums.
Rhett: I don’t fall asleep on my drums anymore.

I also got a free CD out of them, which made me extremely happy during my twenty-minute drive home that night. It’s called Hawke’s Ct., the street they lived on before they made the move to California.

The next night they were playing a show at Ham and Eggs in downtown Los Angeles. It was a funky little place, I walked up and some cracked-out Ethiopian lady was licking Coltrain’s ear asking for five dollars. Being in the heart of Los Angeles, I guess it wasn’t too surprising. The room they played in looked like the inside of a studio apartment. It had high ceilings, about 100 different street and art signs on the walls, it was filled with hipsters, and the majority of us were drinking PBR out of tall cans. As soon as they started to play their set, Coltrain had everyone on the dance floor grooving, twisting, and moving to the music. Their music was so fun to dance to; even people inside the bar came in to dance along.

I fell in love with them that night. I didn’t think I would get the chance to see them play again any time soon. The next day I heard they were headed back to San Diego, and I have spent most of my days with them since.

About four days later, they were playing an open mic night at the 710 Beach Club in hopes to get noticed by the manager and play their own show in the near future. The artists earlier in the night were talented musicians to say the least, but nothing compared to Dark Seas. Our group of about 15 people were dancing to every performer who went on stage but when Dark Seas played their set, the entire beach club was on their feet grooving to their psychedelic surf rock tunes. When they finished the crowd went wild, chanting “one more song, one more song”, and they got asked to play a real show in the future as well as a few more songs at the end of the night. I have been to many shows, I have seen amazing performances, and have had made the best memories of my life at those shows, but that night at the 710 beach club was one I will never forget.

Whether it’s sitting by the bonfire, listening to the worst jokes, smoking the worst weed, dancing to the Growlers, or watching them perform, there is never a dull moment when I am with these Salt Lake City boys. You better watch out for them, they are going places.



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